Istanbulls is a robotic team that was created by Sisli vocational and technical high school students in 2015 to spread around STEM( Science Technology Engineering and Mathematich ) based education around itself. When we started we were 10 students and 5 mentors .As the years passed, we introduced our team to a lot of people and we’ve added a lot of students to our team in the pursuit of our vision .For three years we are regularly joining Frc Regional and Off-Season. We have built differrent robots for different events and also we won prizes and ranked high scores.


-To raise persons who try to succeed untested

-To reach as much as people we can to share our achievements

-To emphasize the philosophy of “knowledge grows when shared” all of our students by sharing our achievements with other people and teams.


We set out with the vision of being a team that has a continuity and has been increasing its success by putting better on what we do every year. Besides, our main vision is to represent our country with our works and to represent our country in the best way abroad.

last team photo